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Outdoor Fly Traps Kit

Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Fly-Free with Our Natural Pre-Baited Fly Traps - Perfect for Stables, Ranches, and More!

- Easy to Use: These disposable fly traps are easy to set up and use. Simply hang them in the desired location and let them do their job. They require no maintenance or cleaning, and once they are full, you can simply dispose of them.
- Affordable: These outdoor fly traps are an affordable solution to fly control. They are much cheaper than hiring a pest control company or investing in expensive fly control equipment. Plus, they are disposable, so yo

Fly Traps Outdoor Fly Traps are the perfect solution for getting rid of pesky flies in your outdoor space. These pre-baited fly bags are made with natural ingredients, making them safe to use around children and pets. The big bag fly trap can hold a large number of flies, making it ideal for use in stables, ranches, and other outdoor areas. The disposable design of these fly traps makes them easy to use and dispose of, without any mess or fuss. You can also hang them up in your outdoor space to attract and catch flies. With Fly Traps Outdoor Fly Traps, you can enjoy a fly-free outdoor space all summer long.