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How to use a vacuum cleaner to remove horse flies

Say Goodbye to Horse Flies: Learn How to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

Horse flies are a common nuisance for horse owners, and they can be difficult to get rid of. One effective way to control horse flies is by using a vacuum cleaner. Here's how to use a vacuum cleaner to remove horse flies:

Step 1: Choose the right vacuum cleaner
Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal when it comes to removing horse flies. You'll want to choose a vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction power and a long hose. A canister vacuum cleaner with a wand attachment is ideal for this task.

Step 2: Locate the horse flies
Horse flies are most active during the day and are often found near livestock. Look for them in areas where horses or other livestock are kept, such as barns, stables, and pastures.

Step 3: Turn on the vacuum cleaner
Turn on the vacuum cleaner and adjust the suction power to a level that will effectively capture the horse flies without harming them.

Step 4: Approach the horse flies
Slowly approach the horse flies with the vacuum cleaner, being careful not to startle them. Use the wand attachment to reach areas that are difficult to access.

Step 5: Capture the horse flies
Once you're close enough to the horse flies, use the vacuum cleaner to capture them. Place the end of the hose directly over the horse fly and let the suction pull it in. Be sure to keep the hose close to the horse fly to prevent it from escaping.

Step 6: Dispose of the horse flies
Once you've captured the horse flies, turn off the vacuum cleaner and dispose of them. You can release them outside or simply empty the vacuum cleaner bag into a trash can.

Using a vacuum cleaner to remove horse flies is an effective and humane way to control these pests. By following these steps, you can keep your horses and other livestock safe and comfortable during fly season.

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