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How to make a homemade horse fly trap

DIY Horse Fly Trap: Easy Steps to Keep Your Equine Friends Safe!

Are you tired of pesky horse flies bothering you and your horses? A homemade horse fly trap may be the solution you are looking for. Here are the steps to make your own fly trap:

Step 1: Cut a plastic bottle in half. The top half of the bottle will act as a funnel, while the bottom half will hold the bait and trapped flies.

Step 2: Drill or poke holes around the top of the funnel, approximately 1/4 inch in diameter. This will allow the smell of the bait to attract the flies.

Step 3: Create a bait mixture. You can use a variety of ingredients such as vinegar, sugar, and rotting fruit. Mix the ingredients together and pour them into the bottom half of the bottle.

Step 4: Insert the funnel into the bottom half of the bottle, making sure the top of the funnel is slightly above the bait mixture. Secure the funnel in place with duct tape or glue.

Step 5: Hang the trap in an area where horse flies are a problem. You can use string or wire to hang the trap from a tree or post.

Step 6: Check the trap regularly and dispose of any trapped flies. You may need to refresh the bait mixture every few days to keep it effective.

Congratulations, you have made your own homemade horse fly trap! This cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution can help reduce the number of pesky horse flies in your barn or pasture.

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